The White Snake, The old globe, Guthrie Theater, Goodman Theatre, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Berkeley Repertory, McCarter Theatre

The most delightful of the play’s characters is a mischievous slitherer called Green Snake...McBride fills that role, seemingly having as much fun playing it as I had in watching her.
— Leo Stutzin, Huffington Post
As limber as a rag doll...McBride must have the most fluid chakras in theater.
— San Diego Reader
...a delightfully feisty actress, using just the right snideness to handle the script’s dry humor...
— Ken Jaworowski, New York Times
...a firecracker performance...
— Elaine Beal, EDGE San Francisco
I want her to be my best friend too...
— Courtney Meaker, The Sunbreak
Photo by Jenny Graham

Photo by Jenny Graham

...Irresistibly hyper and down to earth.
— San Diego Gay and Lesbian News
McBride is an exceptional physical comedian...Her gusto performance contributes immeasurably to the enjoyment.
— Rick Busciglio,
...a delightful comic spitfire...
— Marty Hughley, Oregonian
...a natural cut-up...
— Geneva Anderson, Art Hound
...has a subtle way of establishing an affinity with the audience...
— NealsPaper
McBride’s impishness and coarse manners as Greenie are a perfect foil...
— Sam Hurwitt, The Idiolect
...delightfully plucky as the Green Snake. She has sharp comic timing and roguishly fast changes of thought...
— Richard Connema, Talkin' Broadway
...delivers bright human and puppet comedy...
— Robert Hurwitt, SFGate
...[has] energy that cascades across the footlights.
— Kedar K. Adour, For All Events

Twilight, Los Angeles 1992, the other theatre co.

Tanya Thai McBride combines great comic timing with the very sadness that permeates Blues music.
— Hector Pascual Alvarez, Chicago Stage Standard
Deployed as caricaturists...McBride manages to hit comic notes without sacrificing [her] characters’ humanity.
— Tony Adler, Chicago Reader
...honest storytelling from a sublime cast.
— The Fourth Walsh

A midsummer night's Dream, oregon Shakespeare festival

A Midsummer Night's Dream - photo by Jenny Graham

A Midsummer Night's Dream - photo by Jenny Graham

...the individual work is outstanding, with McBride, as Hermia, setting the bar high with a hyper-energetic and unceasingly boisterous comical performance...
— Ashland Play Reviews

The Heart of Robin Hood - Oregon Shakespeare Festival

I’ll remember forever...Tanya Thai McBride as Plug the Dog...cracked me up as the best dog ever. I wanted to go backstage afterward and reward her with a scratch behind the ears. Man’s best friend has never been so hilarious.
— Matt Winters, The Daily Astorian
McBride’s physical talent captures our complete attention any time she romps on stage.
— Portland Theatre Scene
   Backstage waiting for a treat.


Backstage waiting for a treat.

Yellowface, Silk Road Rising

This paradigm displays the versatility of actresses like Tanya McBride, who flits between the roles of Leah, Hwang’s estranged lover, and the male board member of a California bank with equal aplomb.
— Rebecca Sarwate, Edge Boston
...falls easily into a gallery of roles ranging from amusing caricature to nuanced portrait.
— John Dalton, Centerstage
Public figures such as Sen. Fred Thompson and producer Cameron Mackintosh are played by an Asian-American woman (Tanya McBride) without our blinking an eye.
— Kris Vire, Time Out Chicago
As DHH’s ex-girlfriend, Tanya McBride is just the right amount of wary and sympathetic.
— Catey Sullivan, Chicago Theater Beat

punkplay, Pavement Group at the Steppenwolf Garage Rep

Tanya McBride...delivers an outrageously hilarious monologue about inciting revolution by reading The Topic of Cancer to truckers.
— Catey Sullivan,
...McBride masters various roles, including that of a fuckable Ronald Reagan.
— Tony Adler, Chicago Reader

The Fantasticks, Porchlight Music Theatre

...and, in the typically thankless role of The Mute, the consistently compelling and cliche-avoidant Tanya McBride.
— Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune
Without the usual curtains, confetti and prop box, Tanya McBride’s Mute must rely upon her graceful movement and expressive face...
— Colin Douglas, Centerstage favorite character in the play is the elegant is incredible to witness her expressive face and fluid balletic movements, providing more magic to the stage...
— Timothy McGuire, Chicago Theater Beat

You Asked For It!, The Neo-Futurists

...Tanya McBride steals the show every time she opens her mouth.
— Don Hall, AWG: Chicago

Walk Two Moons, Adventure Stage Chicago

...a relatable, reliable narrator...McBride alternates beautifully between excitable and wistful.
— Lauren Whalen, Chicago Theater Beat
Lead actor Tanya McBride shines as Sal...
— Amy L. Hayden, Time Out Chicago
Walk Two Moons -  Photo by Johnny Knight

Walk Two Moons - Photo by Johnny Knight